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Automation and Food Safety Webinar: IP69K Products to meet new FDA FSMA standards.

New YouTube Video-   54:01 min.  

Automation and Food Safety Webinar

Automation and Food Safety Webinar

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Stepper Motor Linear Actuators 101

What exactly is a Stepper Motor Based Linear Actuator?

Need to know how a Stepper Motor Linear Actuator works?

Suppose you, as an engineer, are tasked to design a machine or part of a machine that requires precise linear positioning.   How would you go about accomplishing this?  What is the most straightforward and effective method?

Haydon Kerk Stepper Motor Linear Actuator White Paper

Haydon Kerk Stepper Motor Linear Actuator White Paper

When students are trained in classic mechanical engineering, they are taught to construct a system using conventional mechanical components to convert rotary into linear motion.   Converting rotary to linear motion can be accomplished by several mechanical means using a motor, rack and pinion, belt and pulley, and other mechanical linkages.   The most effective way to accomplish this rotary to linear motion, however, is within the motor itself.

This White Paper, from Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, discusses the technology behind stepper motor linear actuators, what makes them different, and concludes with a detailed example illustrating how they should be sized to move a given load.   Click on the link below to download it.

More information on the Haydon Kerk Can Stack Stepper Motor Linear Actuators can be viewed at-

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Maximize reliability and performance of actuator drive systems by minimizing electrical noise

A New White Paper from Tolomatic .  Published January 28, 2014

Is your actuator drive system subjected to harsh factory conditions that include dust, moisture, heat or vibration?  If so, then chances are electrical noise is the culprit that can disrupt actuator signal controls, cause erratic motion, or in some cases, complete system failure if left unchecked.

Although system noise can never be completely eliminated, Tolomatic’s new white paper  will help you identify and minimize the causes of electrical noise in drive systems to increase system performance.

This white paper will cover:

  • What causes ground loops and how to mitigate ground loop noise
  • The common causes of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and how to minimize the effects with proper switching and cabling practices
  • Best practices for reducing the risk of communication outages and preventing network storms

Click on the link below to download this Free White Paper

More information on Tolomatic’s Product Family can be viewed at-

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New hygienic designed electric cylinders are IP69K, stainless steel and USDA approved

Tolomatic has just released two new sizes of ERD electric cylinders that are hygienically designed, IP69K rated with an USDA Accepted Equipment Certification for meat (livestock), poultry, and dairy food processing applications.

Tolomatic Hygienic Electric Actuator

Tolomatic Hygienic Electric Actuator

The new hygienic stainless steel design of ERD electric cylinders offer:

  • Thrust capacities to 4500 lbf [20,017 N]
  • Increased strokes to 39.4 inches [1000 mm]
  • Increased speed capacities to 57.5 inches [1460.5 mm]
  • Choice of ball, or roller screws
  • Lowest cost stainless steel actuator– with IP69K as standard equipment available out of the catalog with fast delivery

Click on the links below for additional information-

ERD Series Product Information

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Warren Osak
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New 16mm Spindle Drive for DC motors

Maxon Precision Motors offers a product for converting rotary motion into powerful linear motion.  The GP16 precision spindle combined with a DC motor make it possible to transform rotary motion into axial motion.  Gearheads, motors, encoders and controllers from maxon’s standard program are used to drive the spindles.

Maxon GP16 Spindle DC Servo Gearmotor

Maxon GP16 Spindle DC Servo Gearmotor

Available in a metric M6 spindle with a self-locking function or a 5mm ball screw which offers high efficiency, high load capacity and no self-locking feature.  A central component is the axial bearing, which must withstand the high tractive and compressive forces of the spindle.

For the planetary gearhead, 14 different reduction ratios are available, from 4.4 up to 850:1.  Depending on the reduction ratio and the type of spindle, this makes it possible to achieve feed forces between 35 and 370 N and even up to 400 N for short durations.
Nine different brushed and brushless motors may be used to drive the system.  These motors may also be equipped with compatible sensors (encoders), which are essential for precise positioning. EPOS positioning controllers are recommended for controlling the motor-sensor combination.  These controllers feature a wide range of functions as well as CANopen or EtherCat.
maxon motor’s expertise in drive technology is reflected in the entire selection of components.  The spindle drives feature robustness, flawless operation and a long service life.

More information on the 16mm Spindle Drive from maxon motor can be viewed at-

For more information, please contact:

Warren Osak
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Small Spindle Drives from maxon motor are now available in Wear-proof Ceramic

Two new complete systems composed of spindle, axial bearing, and gearhead are new from maxon motor.  With the GP8S and GP16S spindle drives, maxon motor is expanding the program and simultaneously launching the ceramic spindle.  The ceramic spindle is an extraordinary product, with several advantages.

maxon motor spindle-drive linear actuator

maxon motor spindle-drive linear actuator

The GP 16 S with ceramic spindle joins the ranks of the existing 16 series spindle drives.  With its unique metric M6 ceramic spindle, it transmits up to 315 N in short-term operation.  These axial forces are compensated by axial ball bearings in the gearhead’s output stage.  The variety of reduction ratios possible in the integrated planetary gearhead makes the spindle drive suitable for highly dynamic applications such as focusing systems or valve and flap adjustment.

The small 8 mm GP 8 S spindle drives come standard equipped with metric steel spindles or ceramic spindles.  The M3 x 0.5 mm spindle is designed for feed forces of up to 32 N in short-term operation.  Two pre-loaded ball bearings serve as the axial bearing.  Due to the extremely compact design, the GP 8 S spindle drives achieve a very high force/volume ratio, a characteristic highly desirable for collimators, dosing pumps, and many other applications.

Spindles made of high-tech ceramic – better than steel!

Maxon ball screws made of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), a high-performance ceramic, feature many advantages over conventional steel spindles or expensive ball screws, advantages that can be critical for your application.  For instance, the ceramic spindle has nearly negligible slip-stick effect, so start up is smooth and free of jerking.  Due to the outstanding sliding characteristics and the high wear-resistance of the ceramic spindle, it’s possible to achieve high speeds and also allows for highly dynamic, precise movements.  The life span of the ceramic spindle is several times that of steel spindles, assuming that a suitable threaded nut is selected.

Ceramic spindles can be used in high-temperature applications, as well as in magnetically inductive environments.  For example, a ceramic spindle will not interfere with the magnetic field in an MRI scanner.

The biocompatibility of the material makes ceramic spindles of particular interest for medical engineering.

More information on the Small Spindle Drives from maxon motor can be viewed at-

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Warren Osak
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Large Scale Automated Sorting Gantry System

Macron Moment: First large-scale, wireless infrared signaling gantry system

Click to see Macron’s first large scale gantry in action.

Year: 1999

Application: Pick and place package sorting

Industry: Packaging automation & material handling

Problem: A client required an in-house automated sorting and packaging system to fulfill shipping orders for prescription contact lenses. The linear robotic system needed to be capable of filling 1,700 dispensary compartment locations with totes from a dispenser locator, with speed and accuracy. The large system needed to be structurally sound and fit within the packaging warehouse, and since the machine would be constantly running, the client required a system with high repeatability and reliability.

Solution: To meet the client’s specific motion requirements, Macron developed a custom, large-scale crane assembly mounted with gantry systems, led with wireless infrared signaling. The structure was 167’ long, 13’ wide, and 18’ tall, configured with two 83’ dual x-axis gantries constructed of MSA-14S actuators. To provide a full range of motion, each gantry was additionally equipped with two independent Y/Z axes, constructed with Macron MSA-14S and MSA-14Z actuators, powered by Yaskawa motors.

Macron’s large-scale sorting system was 167′ x 13′ x 18′

The client initially approached Macron Dynamics with a system plan in hand, a complex horizontally designed system consisting of many individual mechanisms to operate a complicated sorting unit and logic program. Pairing innovation with Macron products’ modular capabilities, engineers suggested a simpler design to effectively fulfill the client’s requirements.

The Macron solution entailed building a vertical system with 2 dual x-axis gantries, reducing mechanisms and providing a less complex sorting logic. To complete the comprehensive sorting linear robot, Macron developed a gripping mechanism attached to the gantry systems’ Z-axes, designed to grab the totes, and carry them to their correct dispensary compartment.

Due to the large nature of the linear robotic system, Macron Dynamics integrated bus bars into the gantry system to supply power to the linear robot’s controller panel while avoiding the difficulty of controlling and managing cables and airlines.

To control the motion and navigational function of the gripper, Macron Dynamics used infrared receiver transmitter technology provided by a distributor partner, serving to guide the gripper and gantries to their precise sorting locations. The new wireless infrared signaling system provided controlled routing of the Y/Z gantries, allowing the system to successfully automate the constant pick and place sorting of boxes and totes to their various dispensary compartments.

System benefits:

Macron’s custom vertical gantry design provided the client with a less complex solution than fit within the spatial constraints of the client’s warehouse. Total travel distance for the large-scale system consisted of 83 feet for each X-axis, 13 feet for the Y-axes, and 4 feet for Z-axes.

Macron large-scale sorting gantry

Bus bars supplied power to the control panel, while infrared receiver transmitter technology guided the gripper and gantries to their precise sorting locations

Constructed of Macron 14 actuators, the system had X-axis repeatability of +/- .003 in, Y-axis repeatability of +/- .001, and Z-axis repeatability of +/- .002 in. This repeatability provided an extremely accurate and reliable system to sort and distribute totes to individual compartments in a large assortment of 1,700 dispensary slots. Travel times met the client’s need for quick sorting and dispensing, with X-axis and Y-axis travel speeds of 2-3 m/sec, and a Z-axis travel speed of 1 m/sec.

Macron’s belt-driven linear robotic solution provided the client with a faster, economical alternative to a robotic arm assembly. The gantry structure consisted of 20 axes, simultaneously running to provide multiple sorting functions at once. Since the system contained 2 concurrently running gantries, the sorting machine never had down time. Even in the event that one gantry would be down for maintenance, the other gantry would still provide order fulfillment.

The X/Y/Z gantry system was able to detect depleted containers ready for refill, and would automatically deliver empty totes to the refill side of the machine. This reliable detection allowed for a constant replenishment of totes, supporting the need for an automatic, continuous sorting flow.

Click here to see a video of Macron’s first large-scale gantry in action.

More information on the complete Macron Dynamics Product Line can be viewed at

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Motion Control Terminology Primer

Motion Control Terminology Primer

Motion Control Terminology Primer

What makes a bus based Motion Controller deterministic?   What are the three types of Step Motors?   What is the difference between an Absolute Encoder and a Resolver?

These questions (and many more) are quickly answered in a free User Friendly 2page ‘Motion Control Terminology’ Primer.

The Primer covers the following topics:

  • Motion Control
  • Motion Controllers
  • Drives and Amplifiers
  • Motors
  • Feedback Sensors
  • Mechanical Systems

Click on the link below to download the free ‘Motion Control Terminology’ Primer.

Warren Osak
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Feature Application: Lane Diverter

Product Used:  Tolomatic ERD Rod-Style Actuator & ACS
Product Type:  Standard

Application Requirements:
Stroke:  2 in
Thrust:  40 lbf

Application Description:
This application required an electric actuator to operate a product diverter for a conveying line.

Lane Diverter

Lane Diverter

A machine builder of conveying machinery had utilized pneumatic systems for product diverting but wanted to offer an electric conveying system to their customers and an electric actuator solution was required. The existing machine design had proprietary controls that operated the pneumatic cylinder in a spring return operation with one digital output to the pneumatic valve. ON=Extend; Off=Retract; The customer could not redesign the proprietary controls and also wanted a solution that could be retrofitted in the field.

Tolomatic Solution:
The ERD electric cylinder with ACS stepper drive was chosen as a low cost pneumatic replacement. A new operating mode called Pneumatic Mode was added to the ACS software allowing the ERD electric cylinder to mimic the operation of the pneumatic cylinder. This mode allows for 2 and 3 positions based on all the different pneumatic cylinder and valve types on the market.

Customer Benefit:
• Compatibility with existing proprietary controls eliminated need for new design.
• Elimination of last air cylinders on machine allowed customer to market an all electric machine.
• Flexibility of future expansion with infinite positions through Ethernet/IP option.

More information on the ERC actuator from Tolomatic can be viewed at-

For more information, please contact:


Warren Osak
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Positioning Stage is designed to handle light loads at very high speeds

LinTech is pleased to introduce the 120 series tables which are designed to handle light loads at very high speeds.  These tables use a low friction, preloaded, recirculating linear ball bearing system, which rides on precision ground linear rails.  The linear rails are mounted to a precision machined aluminum base, which offers a rigid support over the entire travel of the table’s carriage. The load is mounted to a precision machined aluminum carriage, which has threaded stainless steel inserts for high strength and wear life.

The drive system uses two pulleys, along with a high strength, steel reinforced polyurethane belt, which provides 3.543 inches (90 mm) of linear movement per revolution of the input shaft.  The simple belt tensioning system allows for easy adjustment of belt tension by the user.  NEMA 23 & 34 motor mounts, or gearhead mounts are available as well as planetary gearheads.

Lintech 120 Series Belt Driven Stage

Lintech 120 Series Belt Driven Stage

Key Features:

1) Square Rail Recirculating Linear Bearings

2) 3.5″ wide by 3.0″ tall

3) Travel Lengths from 4 to 120 inches

4) Load Capacity to 3,100 pounds

5) Belt Drive System for High Speeds

6) Prices start at $1,195 US

Key Benefits:

1) The two (2) and four (4) bearing carriage options allow for either light or heavy load capacity applications.

2) The 120 series positioning tables feature a small envelope size, good load capacity, and travel lengths to 120 inches.

3) The 120 series belt drive table is ideal for those applications that call for a relatively repeatable system (+/- 0.001″), medium load capacities (< 50 lbs), and fairly high speeds (< 100 in/sec), over a travel length of 10 feet.

4) No cover plates (CP0) or a top cover plate (CP1) offer the user a range of enclosed table options versus cost.

5) The two (2) rail and four (4) bearing carriage option provides a very rigid positioning system using a belt drive versus some of the other roller, or plastic, bearing belt drive systems that are on the market.

6) Using the various adapter plates and mounting brackets allow for the many different and easily obtained X-Y, X-Z, or X-Y-Z configurations.

Click on the link below for more information on the 120 Series from LinTech-

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