Low-cost Belt-drive Actuator designed for harsh environments, loads up to 520 lbs (235 kg) by Tolomatic

New trapezoidal solid-bearing actuator design optimizes performance in moderate-loading applications requiring high duty cycle and high speed over long strokes.

Tolomatic MXB-S Belt-Drive Actuator

Tolomatic MXB-S Belt-Drive Actuator

Tolomatic’s family of MXB electric belt-drive actuators includes a new solid bearing load-carrying design ideal for harsh environments.  The trapezoidal solid bearing provides a rigid, long-lasting bearing system capable of operating in environments that roller bearings would not be able to withstand.  With loads up to 520 lbs. (235 kg), speeds up to 100 in/sec (2.54 m/sec) and strokes up to 230 in (5.8 m), the MXB-S belt-drive actuators an economical solution for light- to moderate-loading applications requiring high duty cycle and high speeds over long strokes.  The MXB-S actuator can withstand light wash down.

“The trapezoidal solid bearing slides along the extrusion, acting as a wiper against contaminants that would clog up a roller bearing belt drive actuator,” said Nick Holmgard, product marketing engineer.

The MXB-S is available in six body sizes with in-line motor mounts as well as reverse parallel mounts with 3:1 timing belt reductions.  When paired with the ACS servo or stepper EtherNet/IP™-enabled drive and motor package, or with third-party motor and drive utilizing the Your Motor Here® program, the MXB-S actuator is easy to set up and integrate into many applications.

In addition to the MXB-S, Tolomatic’s MXB family of high-speed linear belt actuators, offering long strokes with optimal performance, include the MXB-U unguided belt-drive actuator for applications where loads are externally guided and supported, and the MXB-P heavy duty linear actuator with profiled rail bearing and belt-drive drive to achieve heavy loads and high speeds.


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Integrated ROBO Cylinders® from Intelligent Actuator Inc.

IAI ROBO Cylinders

IAI ROBO Cylinders

The Robo Cylinder ® is a flexible, intelligent, and economical, ballscrew linear. Economical and easy to use, the Robo Cylinder® is specifically designed to accomplish the simple tasks usually assigned to air cylinders, but with greater flexibility and control.

Offering custom control over position, speed, acceleration, deceleration, and torque, allowing for mid-move velocity changes, and control from a PLC, the Robo Cylinder® is a versatile and easy-to-use alternative to pneumatic cylinders.

CLICK HERE to view more information on the Robo Cylinder Actuators from Intelligent Actuator.

For more information, please contact:


Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-737-8698
Toll Free Fax:       877-737-8699


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Harmonic Drive LLC introduces harmonic planetary gearheads

Harmonic Drive LLC, a leader in high precision motion control adds Harmonic Planetary HPG gearheads with helical gearing and low reduction ratios to its current planetary gearhead lineup.  Harmonic Gearhead products are available with quick lead times.Harmonic Drive HPG-R Gearbox

The new models, HPG-R, add low-speed ratios from 3:1 through 10:1 including all integer ratios in between.  HPG-R employs helical gearing for improved noise reduction and higher torque capacity.  Ideal for a variety of machinery and equipment designs, these new models enhance the already successful HPG series.

Harmonic Drive HPG-R GearboxA special design of the HPG internal gear allows a preload of the gear and enables it to slightly deform elastically thus maintaining low backlash for the life of the gearhead, without any need for adjustment.  This preload not only minimizes backlash but also compensates for interference between meshing parts.  The result is low backlash for the life of the gear, without any backlash creep.

Like all Harmonic Planetary gearheads, the HPG-Helical gears feature Quick Connect coupling for easy mounting to any servo motor.  They are also available with flange output, shaft output without key and shaft output with key and center tapped hole.

CLICK HERE for information on the Harmonic Drive HPG Harmonic Planetary Gearhead.

For more information, please contact:


Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-737-8698
Toll Free Fax:       877-737-8699


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Lead Screws 101 – A Basic Guide to Implementing a Lead Screw Assembly for Any Design

In many devices lead screw assemblies are used to convert motion from rotary to linear and vice versa.  Historically these assemblies have had poor efficiencies and relied on grease for improved performance.  Over the past few decades the advent of engineered polymers and new manufacturing capabilities have changed the game for the conventional lead screw assembly making it a powerful solution for motion based design challenges.  At first glance lead screw assemblies seem rudimentary, but they are designed to perform a very specific function, and even with the latest developments in materials and manufacturing processes having a basic understanding of how lead screws operate can be the difference between a successful design and catastrophic failure…

CLICK HERE to download this white paper.

Versatile Display Units for Rotary Encoders by POSITAL

POSITAL, a major manufacturer of industrial position and motion sensors, has added a series of stand-alone digital display units to its catalog of accessories.  The new units are designed to connect directly to POSITAL’s IXARC rotary encoders, TILTIX inclinometers, LINARIX linear sensors and provide a direct readout of position, rotational speed or angular displacement.

Posital Encoder Display

Posital Encoder Display


Depending on the type of sensor, the display units can be ordered with Analog, SSI or incremental inputs. Built-in output conversion (D/A or A/D) is also available, with one analog and up to four digital output channels.  Teaming up a digital display with an encoder, inclinometer or linear sensor provides a simple, convenient and accurate measurement tool for on-site position or speed measurement.  By taking advantage of the output channels, it is simple to integrate the sensor and display into more complex control systems.  Thanks to their compact size and sturdy construction, these displays can be located close to the machinery where the sensors are mounted.  This makes it practical to use them for machine setup tasks or as a cost-effective way of monitoring machine status on the factory floor.

Regardless of input type, these displays can be programmed to display angular position, linear position or rotational speed directly and to provide limit warnings or cam-follower functionality.  Programming can be done through front-panel buttons or with an easy-to-use PC-based programming tool.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Versatile Display Units from POSITAL.


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Lintech Ball Bushing Variations & Drop-in Replacements

Lintech’s offering of linear ball bushings and pillow blocks has grown significantly over the years to include inch closed, inch open, European metric closed, European metric open, Japanese closed and Japanese open styles.  The “closed” styles mean that the bushing circles the precision shaft completely and the shaft is held in place at both ends.  The “open” style means that the shaft is supported from the bottom and, therefore, there is a slot in the bushing to account for the support rail.

There are a number of companies manufacturing ball bushings and pillow block bushings for precision linear shafting.  Lintech provides on its website, a drop-in replacement chart for all styles offered so you can determine the Lintech drop-in part number for other suppliers.  See below the drop-in replacement chart for the LBC linear ball bearing.

Additional information on Lintech’s offering of linear ball bushings and pillow blocks can be viewed at:


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Comparing Open Loop and StepSERVO™ Closed Loop Stepper Systems

StepSERVO Integrated Motor Family

StepSERVO Integrated Motor Family

Wondering what the next evolution in step motor technology is all about? In this white paper you’ll learn how StepSERVO™ closed loop stepper systems…

  • Increase acceleration
  • Increase efficiency
  • Decrease position error (and increase accuracy)
  • Decrease motor heating
  • Decrease motor noise

The performance advantages of StepSERVO™ motors over traditional open loop step motors are numerous. This white paper provides detailed analysis of the two systems and shows why StepSERVO™ closed loop stepper systems are the best choice for your next automation project.

Want to learn more? Watch this pre-recorded webinar for an overview of the StepSERVO technology.

CLICK HERE for specific product information on the StepSERVO™ motors from Applied Motion Products.


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