Applied Motion Releases New ST-Plus Programmable Stepper Drives

Applied Motion Products announces the ST-Plus programmable stepper drive. The ST-Plus is available in two models, the ST5-Plus and the ST10-Plus delivering 5A and 10A respectively. The ST-Plus drive measures just 3” x 3.65” x 1.75” and has 3 digital inputs, 1 digital output and an analog input accepting 0-5VDC.

ST5-Plus Stepper Driver

ST5-Plus Stepper Driver

The Q software allows users to create sophisticated and functional programs that Q drives can run stand-alone. The commands available in the Q software environment consist of instructions for controlling motion, inputs & outputs, drive configuration and status, as well as math operations, register manipulation and multi-tasking.

ST-Plus drives are ideally suited to applications needing full motion control capability but only require a small I/O count.

ST5-Plus and ST10-Plus models are physically the same as the ST5-S and ST10-S models, except now they boast the full programming capability of the Q Programming language.


  • ST5-Plus = 5A/phase max
  • ST10-Plus = 10A/phase max
  • RS-232 communications
  • 3 Digital Inputs  
  • 1 Digital Output
  • 1 Analog Input

So if you have an application that needs the power of Q, but requires very few I/O, this may be the drive for you.

For additional information, contact-
Toll Free Phone:      877-737-8698
Toll Free Fax:          877-737-8699

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