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Maxon Expands Sterilizable Servo Motor Family

maxon motor extends its EC 22 sterilizable motor series

Maxon's EC22 Sterilizable Brushless Servo Motor

Maxon's EC22 Sterilizable Brushless Servo Motor

 In addition to the well-approved EC 22 motors, maxon now offers variants for both, 40 Watts and 100 Watts. 

Sterilizable versions are also available for medical use.   This has been achieved by employing sterilizable winding wire, coated Neodymium magnets, as well as suitable bearing lubrication. Thus, the sterilizable EC 22 motors withstand at least 100 autoclave cycles (conditions: 134°C, 2.3 bar (33.4 psi), 100% relative humidity, 20 minutes).

The performance-optimized brushless servo motors are equipped with preloaded ball bearings and latest generation Neodymium permanent magnets. The motors are designed for low-loss operation and feature low vibration and low noise levels even at high speeds. They can be considered as real “Economical High Performers” and they for sure convince with their nominal torque of up to 44 mNm, an efficiency of more than 90% and now with a 25% reduced speed/torque gradient.

All motors are available with Hall sensors or sensorless and with up to four different windings. They can be combined with a variety of standard gearheads and the sterilizable planetary gearhead GP 22 M in a wide range of variations. As a perfect motor’s match, the maxon modular system also features servo amplifiers and positioning controllers in a number of variants.

For more information, please contact: 

Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.
4300 Steeles Ave West, Unit #39
Woodbridge, ON  Canada
L4L 4C2

North American Toll Free Phone:  877-737-8698
North American Toll Free Fax:      877-737-8699
Phone:  905-850-7447
Fax:      905-850-7451

Maxon Release the EPOS2 P 24/5, an advanced second generation positioning controller

The EPOS2 P 24/5 is a freely programmable positioning controller. The programming of applications complies with the IEC 61131-3 standard. The integrated power stage is based on the EPOS2 slave version. It is suitable for brushless and brushed DC motors with incremental encoder and up to 120 watt output power.

Maxon's EPOS2 24/5 Programmable Positioning Controller

Maxon's EPOS2 24/5 Programmable Positioning Controller

Of course, the already known characteristics of EPOS P 24/5 can also be found in the new EPOS2 P 24/5. This with the subtle distinction of further improved properties and a USB Port as additional communication interface. As a novelty the EPOS2 P 24/5 can communicate with a superior process level for supervisory control and data acquisition.

Full backward compatibility – both, in regard to electrical and mechanical aspects – towards EPOS P 24/5 permits alternative employment. Apart from identical dimensions and mounting hole pattern also the connections are pin-compatible. Alike, an existing EPOS P 24/5 IEC-61131 program can be downloaded into the new EPOS2 P 24/5 by using the «EPOS Studio».

With self-compiled programs, the programmable positioning controller EPOS2 P 24/5 can autonomously control single and multiple axis systems. Via the CAN Bus all axes can be coordinated simultaneously.

Thanks to the communication interface to the superior process level, supervisory control and data acquisition via RS232; USB 2.0 or CANopen is now possible.

Editors (ST, IL, FBD, LD, SFC) of the powerful “EPOS Studio” tool are available for programming according to IEC 61131-3. The integrated project browser shows all network resources. Complex programs with a large number of decentralized controls can be optimally managed with it. Drive systems are configured and networked quickly using intelligent step-by-step wizards. The redesigned feature «Regulation Tuning» permits an extremely efficient adjustment of current, velocity or position regulation during commissioning.

With EPOS2 P 24/5, EC motors with block commutation of up to 100,000 rpm and 120 watts can be operated. The encoder input offers a resolution of 2,500,000 increments and an input frequency of up to 5MHz. The analog inputs feature 12-bit resolution (that is quadrupled compared to the EPOS P 24/5).

For more information, please contact: 

Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.
4300 Steeles Ave West, Unit #39
Woodbridge, ON  Canada
L4L 4C2

North American Toll Free Phone:  877-737-8698
North American Toll Free Fax:      877-737-8699
Phone:  905-850-7447
Fax:      905-850-7451

New Powerful Positioning Controller Features Interpolated Position (PVT) Mode

Dual loop position and speed controller for almost any application  

Maxon’s EPOS (Easy to use Positioning System) is being expanded again in its second generation.   The EPOS2 70/10 drives DC brush motors with encoders or brushless EC motors with Hall sensors and encoders, from 5 to 700 watts power. 

Maxon's EPOS2 70/10 Servo Drive

Maxon's EPOS2 70/10 Servo Drive

The unit is packed with a wide range of functions and features and can handle a multitude of operational modes (Position, Velocity, Current Mode and others) thus permitting flexible employment of drive systems in automation and mechatronics.  Among other functions are «Step/Direction Mode» for step-by-step movement of the motor (as a replacement for a stepper motor) or «Master Encoder Mode» for the drive’s use in electronic gearing applications.  Commanding via an analog set value voltage can also replace conventional servo amplifier applications. 

The EPOS2 70/10 features high-precision motion control functionality.  The controller, for instance, offers a dual loop position and speed controller. This means that the load can be controlled extremely precisely and directly with an additional sensor, thus mechanical play and elasticity can be compensated for. Due to «Interpolated Position Mode» (PVT) the EPOS2 positioning drive is capable of synchronously running a path specified by interpolating points; this with great dynamics and high accuracy. 

During commissioning, «Regulation Tuning» permits an extremely efficient adjustment of current, velocity or position regulation.  Its integration into the graphic user interface «EPOS Studio» allows fast parameterization. 

The unit can be controlled by means of a CAN Master (for example EPOS2 P, PLC, Soft PLC) or with PC via USB or RS232. The standardized CANopen interface permits integration and coordination of several drives.   Additionally integrated gateway functions (USB-to-CAN, RS232-to-CAN) facilitate the access to CAN frameworks once more. 

More information on the EPOS2 70/10  Positioning Controller can be viewed at-

For more information, please contact: 

Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.

Phone: 905-850-7447
Toll Free Phone: 877-737-8698
Toll Free Fax:   877-737-8699

Attend a FREE 1/2 Day Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions ‘Introduction to Linear Actuators’ Lunch N’ Learn Seminar in Toronto on May 4th or in Montreal on May 5th

What is a stepper motor based linear actuator? How does it work? How is it sized?

Haydon Kerk Idea Drive Programmable Actuator

These are questions that will be answered in this Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Technical Seminar. Engineering Manager Frank Morton will explain linear actuators and how they are used to achieve precision linear motion.

In this FREE 1/2 Day Seminar:

  • Basic stepper motor theory
  • Components that make up a stepper motor-based linear actuator
  • The selection of a linear actuator based on load, resolution, and travel requirements

Who should attend:

  • Electrical, Mechanical, and Electromechanical design/application engineers who are in the process of designing a motion application or would like a better understanding of linear actuators
  • Equipment OEMs that desire an integrated solution for conversion of rotary to linear motion

Electromate’s Office
Woodbridge, ON
Tuesday May 4, 2010
Phone: (905) 850-7447

Directions to Electromate’s Office can be viewed at the following link:
Electromate’s Office Directions

Hilton Garden Inn Dorval Aeroport
St. Laurent, PQ
Wednesday May 5, 2010
Phone: (866) 788-2518

Directions to the Hilton Garden Inn Dorval Aeroport can be viewed at the following link:
Hilton Garden Inn Dorval Aeroport Directions

9:00 am – 1:00 pm. Lunch included

To Register for this FREE Seminar click on the link below to be directed to our Online Registration Form.

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