Applied Motion Products adds CANopen option to ST Step Motor Drives

Applied Motion Products announces the addition of CANopen communications to the ST series Step Motor Drives.

AMP's ST5 Stepper Drive with CANopen

The addition of a CANopen option card to the range of communication options allows the drives to be controlled by a CANopen master utilizing the DS301 and DSP402 communications protocols and the CAN 2.0b Passive physical layer. Using these standard protocols the drive can be commanded to execute point to point moves, homing routines or run at a set velocity. ST CANopen Drives are available in 5A and 10A versions. Each has eight digital inputs, four digital outputs and two analog inputs. ST drives are configured using ST Configurator software.

CANopen is utilized by OEM machine builders to integrate many devices of different types on a single field bus connection. Drives such as the ST can be put on the same network as sensors and interfaces. The user then has a single learning curve to develop programs that can communicate to all compatible devices. Up to 132 devices can be connected on a single CANopen Network.

For more information, please contact: 

Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.
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Woodbridge, ON  Canada
L4L 4C2

North American Toll Free Phone:  877-737-8698
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