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New Kollmorgen AKM™8 Motor Series Delivers Industry-Leading Torque Density for More Compact and Higher Performing Machines

Kollmorgen introduces AKM8 servomotors – the latest addition to the company’s global, field-proven AKM motor series. With an unrivaled feature-set to satisfy global requirements right from the base hardware, AKM8 motors deliver higher torque density to cover the broadest torque/speed range in a housing that is 30% smaller than any standard motor in its class available today. As a result machine builders can reduce the size of their machines without sacrificing performance, or they can select a longer stack length to achieve higher performance without having to specify a larger, more expensive motor that would typically require mechanical changes to the machine.

Kollmorgen's AKM Servo Motor Family

The AKM high performance motor series offers a wide range of mounting, connectivity, feedback and other options and, with the addition of the AKM8, is now available in 8 frame sizes, 28 frame/stack combinations and 112 ‘standard’ windings. The result is more choice and flexibility to satisfy the exact needs of even more global applications, with the favorable delivery times and lower cost of a standard product.

Features: AKM8

· Two standard flange/shaft combinations designed to seamlessly integrate with 80% – 90% of machine builder needs around the globe, with no modifications to the customer flange needed.

· Designed to operate at 230, 400, 480 VAC, eliminating the need for voltage transformation for machines that will be deployed in various geographic regions.

· Feature Class F insulation for a temperature rating of 155°C, and provide stall torque from 75 to 180 Nm, operating speeds up to 2500 rpm, and power up to 19.8 KW, with bearing lifetime rated to 20,000 h.

· These motors are RoHS and REACH compliant, UL listed, and carry the CE mark.

· A low-cog design provides smooth performance to maximize power efficiency and improve the quality of final product, making it a particularly attractive motor solution in metal forming and processing, printing, converting, molding, and alternative energy applications, among others.

Features: AKM Motor Series

· Robust one-piece housing with potted windings for maximum wire isolation and excellent heat dissipation, resulting in robust performance and long life in even the most demanding application environments.

· Market-standard high resolution feedback options for high- performance/precision or rugged environments are available, including Endat, BISS, Hiperface, and resolver option, among others.

· Available for low or high speed (to 8000 rpm) applications, with windings that can be applied to all standard global voltages including 75 VDC, 120, 240, 400 and 480 VAC.

· Number of options is available to satisfy wide ranging application needs including a reinforced bearing to handle higher radial force, a sealing option to achieve IP67 protection at the flange, as well as varied connectivity and mounting options.

For truly unique applications where the more than 200,000 standard AKM offerings don’t meet the requirements of a given application, the Kollmorgen engineering support team can work alongside OEMs to customize a solution to satisfy their needs.

AKD motors can also be combined with Kollmorgen’s AKD™ Ethernet-based servo drives for a perfectly matched high performance servo system. No matter what the application demands, AKD offers industry-leading servo performance, communication options, and power levels, all in a smaller footprint than competitive options – and when paired with AKM servomotors and our best-in-class components, we can help increase a machine’s overall effectiveness by up to 50% over other leading motor and drive combinations.

Information on the AKM Brushless Servo Motors can be viewed at the following webpage-

AKM Series Product Information

For more information, please contact:      

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-737-8698  
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Maxon Motor has introduced its newly rebranded EC-4pole brushless motor, previously known as the EC-powermax range

The EC-4pole offers engineers the same reliability and versatility with a name that, according to the company, better reflects the high-performance capability of its four-pole magnet construction.

Maxon's EC-4pole Brushless Servo Motor

As with the EC-powermax, the EC-4pole operates at speeds of up to 25,000rev/min and with an efficiency approaching 90 per cent thanks to the patented ironless winding technology at its core.

Thanks to the high-quality metallic housing and flange, the heat dissipates quickly and mechanical stability is maintained.

The EC-4pole is available in 90W, 100W, 120W and 200W versions, providing design engineers with a range of output options to match their needs.

The motors are said to be extremely versatile and Maxon’s modular approach allows users to connect to planetary gearheads and encoders should they require it.

Information on the EC-4pole motor series can be found at the following link-

DC Servo Motor Sizing Made Easy. A Practical 1/2 Day Course by Maxon on March 29 & 30 in Montreal & Waterloo .  Click below for more information.

For more information, please contact:      

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-737-8698  
Toll Free Fax:       877-737-8699

Expanded PCB Mount Servo Drives from AMC

ADVANCED Motion Controls, of Camarillo, CA USA expands it’s highly successful PCB mount, Z-drive servo amplifier family. New digital ‘DZ’ products are now available with higher power, greater thermal efficiency and lower operating voltages. Network choices, fast baud rates and multiple stand-alone command options greatly increase these servo drives’ capabilities for all torque, velocity and position mode applications. Designed to be completely compact, DZ’s take up little space, eliminate wiring hassle and still deliver unparalleled performance. Check out the newly expanded global standard in PCB mount servos drives – the fully digital DZ series!

AMC's PCB Mount Servo Drives

Highlighting just a few of the features of these very capable servo drives:

  • Considered µ-sized, DZ’s have an incredibly small footprint (smaller than a business card!) and weigh a mere 100 grams or less, including heat sink! 
  • All DZ’s can be configured to operate in torque, velocity (encoder or Hall) and position modes for brushed, voice coil or brushless motors. 
  • DZ’s have extremely high current loop bandwidth for quick response times as needed or when used in critical or demanding applications. 
  • DZ networks include CANopen or RS-232/485 (up to ~1 Mbaud!). Input commands can come over the network, such as PVT (position/velocity/time) or through direct inputs for: ±10V analog, Encoder Following, Step & Direction, PWM & Direction – to operate any mode. 
  • Some DZ’s capacity includes 10 – 80 Vdc operation while delivering 4 Amps continuous / 40 Amps peak. This provides up to 3 kW peak power when needed and can achieve up to 98% efficiency! 
  • DZ’s have an optional mounting card available for quick prototyping and documented interface reference designs for quick circuit integration. 
  • DZ’s common PCB pin out platform allows OEM’s to design to any power capacity but choose from the smallest power size to largest power size, everything from today’s available products to even higher powered future release versions! 

With multiple product choices, implementing DZ’s increased product functionality to meet many application needs will result in a dramatic reduction of system complexity. Yet, DZ’s are also cost-effective by themselves to further minimize overall system costs.As more applications require smaller mounting spaces or become completely mobile, designing with DZ’s would be the perfect match and choice. High power density, high operating efficiencies and low cost, what more could you ask for?Information on AMC’s DZ series of servo amplifiers can be viewed at the following webpage-

AMC’s DZ Series Product Information

For more information, please contact:      

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-737-8698  
Toll Free Fax:       877-737-8699

New LSM Series Linear Stages from Zaber

Zaber’s LSM series devices are motorized linear stages with high thrust and speed capabilities and a very compact size. They are designed to be used with our T-MCA controller, or can be used with any 2-phase stepper motor controller. At only 21 mm high, these miniature stages are excellent for applications where a small profile is required. The LSM’s innovative design allows speeds up to 58 mm/s and loads up to 10 kg. Like all Zaber’s products, the LSM series is designed to be ‘plug and play’ and very easy to set-up and operate when used with our T-MCA controller. The stages can be mounted in XY and XYZ configurations with no additional hardware.

Zaber's LSM series

Series Overview:

  • 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200mm travel 
  • 10kg load capacity and up to 58 mm/s speed 
  • Very low profile at only 21mm stage height 
  • Designed for Zaber’s T-MCA series stepper motor controller or can be used with any 2-phase stepper motor controller 
  • Using the powerful T-MCA external controller means that the unit can go faster than the T-LSM, with more thrust 
  • Can be mounted in XY and XYZ configurations 

Click on the link below for additional information-
LSM Series Product Information

For more information, please contact:      

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-737-8698  
Toll Free Fax:       877-737-8699

Zaber Technologies Releases its G Series Gantry System

Zaber's T-G-LSM Gantry System

Series Overview:

  • 100 or 200 mm travel per axis (custom lengths available) 
  • Low profile – 70 mm overall height 
  • Customizable – add another Zaber stage for a Z-axis 


Zaber’s Gantries are designed for multi-axis applications where load and travel requirements exceed the rated cantilever load specs of Zaber’s simpler XY or XYZ systems. In addition, Zaber’s Gantries are designed for use where access is required to the entire area under the system. A synchronized pair of lead-screws provide very low backlash and high stiffness. Gantry systems include a baseplate with a full M6 on 25 mm grid of mounting holes, integrated high flex cable and cable management system.

Click on the link below for additional information-

T-G-LSM Series Product Information

For more information, please contact:      

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-737-8698  
Toll Free Fax:       877-737-8699

Free Smart Motion Cheat Sheet

The Smart Motion Cheat Sheet was created to provide the system designer the information most commonly used to properly determine the torque at speed required by a given application and to give some guidelines for selecting the most appropriate motor-drive system to deliver that required torque at speed.

The Smart Motion Cheat Sheet

The Smart Motion Cheat Sheet includes:

  • Sizing Formulae 
  • Interpretation of Torque/Speed Curves 
  • Sizing/Selection Flow Chart 
  • Symbols & Definitions 
  • Common Engineering Unit Conversions 
  • & Much More 

The Smart Motion Cheat Sheet can be downloaded for free at the link below.

For more information, please contact:      

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-737-8698  
Toll Free Fax:       877-737-8699


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