Linear Stages for Quick and Easy System Integration

Nippon Pulse has taken much of the work of integrating a linear motor into a system with its SCR and SLP linear stages. Both are built around Nippon Pulse’s Linear Shaft Motor, the first motor designed for the ultra-high precision market. Both the SCR and SLP series stages come with integrated bearings and encoders to reduce cost and simplify integration into your application.

Nippon Pulse SCR100 Linear Shaft Motor Stage

Nippon Pulse SCR100 Linear Shaft Motor Stage

The SCR nanopositioning stage offers the speed of servo stages while also offering the accuracy and precision of piezo stages. Built with cross-roller bearings, the SCR nanopositioning stage gives you extremely straight and flat motion (2.5μm).

The SLP Acculine series is ideal for industrial applications requiring both precision and high force. The SLP series offers between 17N and 970N of linear force as well as a resolution of 1μm from its built-in encoder.

In this video, you’re able to get a close-up view of an SCR stage in operation. The stage runs through various motion profiles, including high and low speed movements.

Nippon Pulse’s SLP Acculine stage series can be seen in this video, which highlights all the components of the stage, including the large, non-critical air gap between the coils and magnets.

Features of Nippon Pulse SCR and SLP Stages

  • SCR series features 1μm resolution
  • SCR series offers up to 40N of acceleration force (40 seconds)
  • Stroke lengths between 20mm and 300mm on the SCR series
  • 2.5μm straightness and flatness on SCR Nanopositioning      series
  • SLP maximum acceleration force of 970N (40 seconds)
  • SLP series features 1μm resolution
  • SLP available with single or double slider
  • Built around Nippon Pulse’s Linear Shaft Motor

More information on the Linear Shaft Motor Stages from Nippon Pulse can be viewed at

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