C. Walton Musser. The Inventor of Strain Wave Gearing

In 1955 C. Walton Musser invented the strain wave gear.  His precision reducer design includes only 3 parts, yet offers Zero Backlash, High Accuracy and High Torque to Weight Ratio and together with the USM Corporation perfected the mechanics of the strain wave gear, and commercialized it in 1960 forming the Harmonic Drive division of USM.  The Harmonic Drive division grew to become the Harmonic Drive Group Companies, the worldwide leader in motion control with 3 manufacturing facilities in Japan, USA and Germany serving local and global companies.

In this highly visual 5 minute YouTube Video, C. Walton Musser’s life and legacy is illustrated.

Click on the following links to view the Harmonic Drive Product Family-

Harmonic Drive Gearing Systems

Harmonic Drive Pancake Gearing Components


Tags:  Harmonic Drive, Strain Wave Gearing, Pancake Gearing, C. Walton Musser, Strain Wave Gear

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