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Application for equipment press-fitting onto a printed circuit board

Functions used: Positioning and Pushing

Functions used: Positioning and Pushing

IAI‘s ROBO Cylinder® was adopted for equipment that performs both processes of applying silicon to a printed circuit board and press-fitting a cover.

While the printed circuit board is moved with the RCP3-SA5R on the bottom, the coating and press-fitting are performed with the RCA2-TW4N on the top.

Automating a manual process has doubled the production efficiency.

Also, the changeover became easy whenever the workpiece changed, which reduced the amount of man hours necessary.

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Intelligent Actuator Inc. Release ISPA/ICSPA Single-Axis and Cartesian Robot Series

The ISPA is a high-precision positioning system comprised of a base, linear guides, ball screw and AC Servo motor.  It achieves high rigidity through a smaller size and a Base-Integrated Guide Structure.

IAI ISPA/ICSPA Single-Axis & Cartesian Robot Series

IAI ISPA/ICSPA Single-Axis & Cartesian Robot Series

The ICSA2/ICSPA2, ICSA3/ICSPA3 are various combinations of the ISPA high-performance actuators.  These systems come pre-wired with brackets attached for immediate installation.

Click to download each specific catalog section:

P000-040:   ISA/ISPA  Single-Axis (16.7MB)
P041-066:   ICSA/ICSPA  Cartesian (3.8MB)
P067-144:   ICSA2/ICSPA2  Two-Axes Cartesian Model Specs (22.6MB)
P145-240:   ICSA3/ICSPA3  Three-Axes Cartesian Model Specs (11.4MB)
P241-245:   ISA/ISPA  Technical Reference (2.0MB)

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