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Reduce Manufacturing Costs by Cycle Time Effects

The key to reducing production costs is found in Cycle Time effects.  You may IAI Cycle Time Effectsbe able to further reduce costs if you look closely at the CT effects.

So what exactly are CT effects?

Click on the link below to read the case study from on how production efficiency was significantly improved.

More information on the factory automation products from IAI can be viewed at-

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Motion Control Terminology Primer

Motion Control Terminology Primer

Motion Control Terminology Primer

What makes a bus based Motion Controller deterministic?   What are the three types of Step Motors?   What is the difference between an Absolute Encoder and a Resolver?

These questions (and many more) are quickly answered in a free User Friendly 2page ‘Motion Control Terminology’ Primer.

The Primer covers the following topics:

  • Motion Control
  • Motion Controllers
  • Drives and Amplifiers
  • Motors
  • Feedback Sensors
  • Mechanical Systems

Click on the link below to download the free ‘Motion Control Terminology’ Primer.

Warren Osak
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DC Servo Motor Sizing Made Easy: A Practical 1/2 Day Course presented by Jan Braun, maxon motor ag

This half-day seminar provides the practical information you need to successfully select the right DC motor — be it brushed or brushless — for your application. You’ll learn about the interpretation of motor data and how you can use this information for motor sizing. Whether you need high speed and dynamics or just high torque, this seminar will teach you to size a motor + drive with just the right power reserves, avoiding costly oversized motors.

Maxon "The selection of high-precision microdrives" Textbook

Maxon “The selection of high-precision microdrives” Textbook

Presenter:  Jan Braun,, maxon motor ag, author of the “maxon academy Formulae Handbook”

What You’ll Receive:

  • Textbook: “The selection of high-precision microdrives” (a $65 US value) — A complete, easy-to-read reference guide for motor and drive selection OR you’ll receive an $89 Can. voucher to be used towards your next Maxon order
  • maxon Formulae Handbook
  • E-Learning software tutorial on USB Stick
  • maxon Catalog

What You’ll Learn:

  • Basics of DC motor data. Learn how to interpret motor data sheets and use the speed-torque line information for optimum motor sizing.
  • Systematic drive selection in the context of your application specific requirements and boundary conditions. This includes optimum power management, control loops, accuracy and ambient conditions.
  • Basics of gearhead data and their impact on motor selection.
  • Selection criteria for DC motors. Topics include the characteristics of different commutation types for brushed and brushless DC motors and when to use them.
  • maxon selection program. Find out how this software-tool can help you in the motor selection.
  • Application examples. Learn how to extract the key parameters for drive selection from your application: The examples include continuous operation as well as dynamic operation cycles.
  • Motion Control: The main features and application possibilities of maxon EPOS and ESCON controllers.


Hilton Garden Inn Dorval Aeroport
St. Laurent, PQ
Tuesday February 19, 2013
Phone: (866) 788-2518

Directions to the Hilton Garden Inn Dorval Aeroport can be viewed at the following link:
Hilton Garden Inn Dorval Aeroport Directions


Radisson Plaza Mississauga- Toronto Airport
Wednesday February 20, 2013
Phone: (905) 364-9999

Directions to the Radisson Plaza Mississauga- Toronto Airport Hotel can be viewed at the following link:
Radisson Plaza Mississauga- Toronto Airport Directions

Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. Lunch included

Price: $89 CDN/person + HST* (*Ontario Only; Quebec registrants will be charged 5% GST only) if pre-registered by midnight January 31st ; after February 1st the cost is $109 CDN/person + applicable taxes.

To Register: The Seminar requires pre-registration & payment by Credit Card or PayPal. Click on the link below to be directed to our Online Payment Registration Form.

Maxon Seminar Registration Online Link

Click Here If You Are An Academic

OR call Electromate at 877-737-8698 with your credit card information

ESCON Servo Drive Video Tutorials

ESCON servo controllers from Maxon Motor AG are small-sized, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo controller for the highly efficient control of permanent magnet activated DC motors.  The featured operating modes – speed control (closed loop), speed control (open loop), and current control – meet the highest requirements for the Industrial Automation market.  The ESCON servo controllers are designed being  commanded by an analog set value and features extensive analog and digital I/O functionality and are being configured via USB interface using the graphical user interface “ESCON Studio” for Windows PCs.

ESCON Studio YouTube Videos

ESCON Studio YouTube Videos

Maxon have recently released a series of ESCON Drive Video Tutorials on YouTube, which can be viewed at the link below-

Click on the link below for more information on the ESCON servo amplifiers from Maxon-

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Warren Osak
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Maxon Academy Technical Presentations

Maxon Academy

Maxon Academy

Which are the specific advantages of a “coreless” DC motor design compared to a conventional DC motor?  How is the motor designed?  Which are the underlying physical principles?  What are the differences between precious metal and graphite brushes and where are these two systems used?

Learn more about the design, the working principle and the data sheets of maxon DC and EC motors.

Maxon Academy

Maxon Academy

Click on the link below to download various Power Point presentations (many with animations)  and Handouts, including Slides with Comments.

This is a must view for Professors, Teachers and Academics alike.

More information on the Servo Motor Product Line from maxon precision motors can be viewed at

For more information, please contact:


Warren Osak
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maxon technical training proudly presents:

Maxon Academy

Maxon Academy

Deepen your knowledge in drive technology and motion control.  Learn more about the coordinated operation of the drive components motor, gearhead, sensor and controller.


maxon academy bundles our offers in the field of drive technology training.  Besides the maxon academy books and booklets you find here e-learning modules and the forthcoming seminars and workshops.

maxon seminars and workshops cover the topics in a mix of practical work, presentations, exercises and demonstrations.  They offer the possibility to treat a topic in close interaction with an expert.

Standard seminars and workshops treat the selection of drive components and the operation of maxon motion controllers.  Besides maxon academy elaborates seminars and workshops fully tailor made to your needs as well.

Learn more about drive technology – online or offline.   With the interacting maxon E-learning modules you learn and rehearse the most important aspect of drive technology whenever you have time wherever you are.

Professor’s Desk supports lecturers with teaching material such as ppt-presentations, models, exercises for students and models for hands-on training with suggestions for practical work.

maxon academy – for the benefit of our customers.

More information on the Maxon Motor AG product line can be viewed at

For more information, please contact:


Warren Osak
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Toll Free Fax:       877-737-8699

Linear Motor Primer

Tecnotion Linear Motor Product Family

Tecnotion Linear Motor Product Family

Linear motors (LM) enable linear movements at high speeds with great accuracy.  Most linear motors are used in the machine construction industry and for production automation purposes.   In this White Paper, the following information can be found:

  • The basic physical principles of linear motors
  • The 3 phase linear motor considered
  • A comparison of standard electric (rotary) motors and linear motors
  • The positioning system
  • A brief description of a linear motor system and some practical considerations
  • A brief description of both Tecnotion’s ironcore and ironless series of linear motors

Click on the link below to download this White Paper-

For more information on the Tecnotion Product Family, click on the link below:

Tecnotion Product Family 

Warren Osak
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